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Three Crucial Design Tips for Using Custom Picture Frames

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If you have some photographs of great economic or sentimental value, you should plan on framing them. Proper framing will enhance the appeal of the pictures and ensure that the decorative elements boost your interior design. In addition, framed pictures are protected from accelerated deterioration and accident damage. However, you should keep in mind that the aesthetics of your pictures will depend on your framing choices. Therefore, consider using the design tips here to achieve the best results with custom picture frames.

Consider Colour Contrast

When choosing your picture frames, you should determine the ideal colour for the product. The colour of the framing is critical because it will affect the artistic value of the photograph. When evaluating different frame hues, it is advisable to think about the best level of contrast. Contrast is the most critical factor to evaluate in colour selection. In general, if the photograph has contrasting shades such as black and white, you will improve its visibility and artistic effect by using a highly contrasting and bold colour like red. However, if your photograph has soft hues, you will cause a clash with high-contrast frames. Therefore, opt for soft colours that match with the photos.

Choose the Best Style

You should consider the different framing styles and choose the most appealing and compatible option. In simple terms, picture frames are fabricated in varying designs to match different applications and preferences. The right option could complement and elevate the appeal of photographs. Therefore, you should look at the effect of combining your picture with different moulding styles. In general, frames can be classified as traditional or contemporary. Traditional frames are rustic and often have an elaborate design, while contemporary frames might lean towards simplicity or minimalism. In general, people choose to match the style of the photograph and that of the frame. However, you should not be afraid to mix it up a little. For instance, an ornate frame might work perfectly with modern art.

Compare Frame Sizes

The framing size can have an effect on the appeal of the photograph. This aspect is critical when dealing with smaller pictures. In general, if your picture is relatively small for your intended decorative purpose, you should consider using a larger frame. Thicker framing will give the photograph more prominence and a sense of importance. In addition, you can use framing with wider and longer dimensions to ensure that the piece has more impact. But you also don't want to overwhelm the photograph, so a happy medium is perfect. If you do this, you must remember to use an appropriate mat to give the picture appropriate depth.

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