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Why You Should Consider Using Soy Wax When Making Candles

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Although there are many possible ingredients you can use to make candles, soy wax is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Here are some of the advantages of using this type of wax.


Firstly, soy wax is an entirely natural product. It is made from soybeans and is an entirely renewable ingredient, as well as being completely vegan. This is in contrast to paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum and is not a sustainable product. Making candles can be just as soothing as burning them, and you will feel much more relaxed knowing that they were made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Less soot

All waxes will give off a small deposit when they burn, which can settle on your furniture and walls as soot. However, some waxes will produce much less soot than others, and soy wax is a particularly low-soot substance. This is much better for your health and will make candle burning a far more pleasant activity.

Longer lasting

A third advantage is that soy wax will burn at a lower temperature than other waxes. This means that soy candles will burn much more slowly than other types, and will therefore last a lot longer. This can also make them more cost-effective as the wax will go much further, even if it costs a little more upfront.

Better fragrance

The slower burning of a soy candle also means that it is better for releasing scents. The fragrance is released more slowly than a faster burning candle, so it avoids the too sudden release of a strong scent. This is much better for relaxing as it does not overpower the room and does not use up the fragrance too quickly.

Easily cleaned

Finally, soy wax is much easier to clean away after the candle has burnt. You can, therefore, easily reuse the candle vessel. All that is needed is some warm soapy water and the wax will simply wash away. This is a contrast with candles made from other types of wax, where the wax will need to be soaked and chipped away, and even then you might be tempted to discard the vessel and start again with a new one.

Soy wax is a natural alternative to paraffin wax, which does not produce harmful fumes and will provide a long-lasting fragrance. It is available from any candle making supplier, who will answer any further questions you have. Contact a candle making supplier near you to learn more.