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Thinking Of Venturing Into Candle Making? 3 Top Tips for the First-Time Buyer

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Making candles is a craft which has been around for centuries. The process is easy and fun when you have the right supplies. People use candles for many reasons, including the basic lighting in their homes, to set the mood for a romantic meeting and for therapy. Candle making has evolved a lot over the years, and you can choose the colour, wax, shape and type you want for the specific use you need candles for.  If you are venturing into the practice for a hobby or commercial reasons, start by getting the right supplies.

Here are three beginner tips that will help you have an easy time venturing into candle making.

What Shape and Scent Will Work Best?

One of the easiest types of candles to make is the container candle. Here, you will need wax, a candle jar, and a wick. However, if you want to make more than the jar candle, you will need a container that can withstand heat and is also disposable. You should ask the supplier about the shapes and sizes of moulds they have stocked, and pick those perfectly suited for your needs.

The smell of the candle is the second consideration. Essential oils are common in creating scented candles because they set the mood. Many people also believe they are therapeutic. If you want to create different candles colours, ask the supplier for dyes that blend well with wax.

Have You Selected Candle wax?

Candle wax is the primary requirement to make a candle. There are countless types on the market. One of the common types of natural waxes used is beeswax. Beeswax is perfect for making pillar candles because of the golden colour and sweet scent.

The other two popular options are soy and paraffin wax. Ask the supplier to tell you about the varieties they have in stock, and the pros and cons. You can experiment with a little bit of each type before deciding on the few that work perfectly for you.

What Will You Burn Inside the Wax?

Every candle needs a wick to burn. The trick is matching the wax to the right wick. If you make a mistake in matching the wick with the wax and the colour, the resulting candle will burn unnaturally. You might also create a candle that produces too much soot.

The suppliers can guide you in getting the types of wick that work best with different candles. Collect the right materials from trusted suppliers when starting the process, and you will not regret what you make.

For more information about candle making, contact a local supplier, like Adelaide Moulding and Candle Supplies.